Add a Festive Fervour to Your Home with Beautiful Diwali Diyas

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Home decor, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Diwali is just around the corner and, like every year, you are very busy with making preparations for Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdashi, Lakshmi Puja and Bhai Dooj. You are almost done with buying pooja supplies and new clothes for your family members. However, you are yet to buy Diwali gifts for your close relatives and traditional festive lamps to decorate your home. It took several trips to the crowded market to buy all that festive stuff and you are in no mood to go through the same ordeal all over again. However, buying Diwali diyas is extremely important as they symbolize the festival of lights. You have lost patience to shop for them and are also facing time crunch.


decorative diya

As you are thinking of finding a way out, you remember that a friend once told you about online shopping. You are skeptical if you would get Diwali diyas online. So you call her to ask the same and are pleasantly surprised to learn that she has recently bought a few from a renowned online megastore. You don’t want to waste much time now, so you open your laptop right after you hang up. You go to the e-shopping portal recommended by your friend and start browsing Diwali diyas.

You marvel at the vast variety of lamps that the online shopping website offers. There are lights made from silver, gold, brass, bronze, aluminium and cast iron. They feature beautiful traditional carvings which make them perfect for pooja and festive decor. Some feature glass covers which give them an elegant look. You browse some silver-plated table diyas and find them perfect for gifting. They have a rich look and intricate carvings all over. Their prices are pretty reasonable. You shortlist a dozen of them and add them to your cart. You feel relieved as the major shopping is done. Now you proceed to buy traditional decorative diyas  . You come across sets of 4 and 6 terracotta lamps.


These diyas are painted with bright colours and are decorated with golden beads, studs and ceramic work. They are perfect for traditional Diwali decor. You add them to your cart and continue browsing. You come across high-end lamps which feature idols of lord Ganesha, goddess Lakshmi and Radha-Krishna. You choose a couple of them as you find them perfect for Lakshmi Puja. You add them to the shopping cart and go through the chosen products. You are glad to find out that you got a discount on some products and the amount that you have to pay is pretty less than you contemplated. You are relieved to see that the expected delivery date is a week away. You proceed to pay and choose a suitable option from credit/debit card, netbanking and cash-on-delivery. As you pay for the product and fill-in the shipping details, you are glad that you chose to buy decorative diyas online as it saved you a lot of time and effort.


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