Any festive season is incomplete without two things – mouth-watering food and rows and rows of decorative lights. Why just the festive season? Decorative lights are the perfect way to deck up any setting and make every birthday celebration or dinner party all the more jolly. The question is, what makes them so special? The equation is simple. Let’s compare regular tube lights and decorative lights. As the names suggests, they are wired for different purposes. Regular tube lights and bulbs are designed so we can go about our tasks even in the dead of night while decorative lights are, well decorative. With this in mind, lights meant for decorative purposes tend to be dimmer than the regular ones. The subtle, soft glow of these lights is what makes them so special.

led candles


Whether you use them to light one corner of your room in a soft glow or use them to light up your backyard, decorative lights cast a magic spell on every setting. You put a cluster of these lights together and you can achieve the most romantic of settings at a cost-friendly and simple way. Gearing up for another festival? Now you know what to include in your absolute festival must-have list.

decorative lights

We’ve jotted down a couple of the most popular styles of decorative lights to make your party decor an even bigger success. A few of these include:


  • Sky lanterns – These decorative lights have a balloon-like structure at the top which acts as a protective covering for the lantern’s light. Commonly, there are two variations of sky lanterns. One style of sky lanterns are designed to be extremely lightweight so they can float freely. These lanterns are a great alternative to noisy firecrackers and look sublime when released into the air. The other type of sky lanterns have a more rigid form and are designed to be used in homes. You can place a single piece of these lanterns in your bedroom or arrange a couple of them out on your porch.


  • Tealights – These electrically powered decorative lights are probably the most popular type of party lights. Generally placed one after the other on a long wire, they instantly make any setting seem cosier and more inviting. Once the holiday season is over, you can fix these lights up in your room. They do not need much maintenance and are one of the most cost-effective ways to up your home decor game.


  • Decorative Diyas – These small earthen pots of decorative lights look best when left afloat on a water body. 


  • Scented candles – Decorative lights are pretty. Infuse a sweet fragrance into them and they become next-level awesome.

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