Happiness is contagious and a smile travels a mile. These are age old sayings that can never go wrong. Close your eyes and try to recall any one of your teachers from school. Whom did you bring to mind? It is obviously that sweet woman who goes around greeting all kids with a smile on her face. Yes, we do love all our teachers, but the ones with bright smiles are the ones we are drawn to, the ones who make our day with their mere presence, right? Would you like an ordinary statue of Buddha or would you prefer a laughing Buddha showpiece ? There is something about the laughing Buddha that makes it so attractive.

laughing buddha

The first time I learnt about Buddha was when my teacher in class four had used our free hour in handing out comic books to all of us and I got a comic book that said “Angulimala”, in bold letters across the top. The cover portrayed this fierce looking man holding a garland made with men’s fingers. “How disgusting,” I thought. Why would anyone want to cut fingers of those who passed his way? Because that was the story of Angulimala. Having suffered a bad instance in his childhood, he grew bitter and into a murderer, killing those who came his way and making a garland with their fingers, hence the name he got, till he once came across Buddha, who meekly and affectionately offered his finger to him. This changed him and also got in me, an interest in this wise and calm person, who renounced all the riches that he could have easily inherited and gave up the lavish life that he was blessed with to live a life of complete poverty and spirituality on seeing a poor man on the road.

Many a great people have changed their lives on embracing the teachings of Buddha, two among them being Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Ashoka the great. The teachings of Buddhism focus on equality and love and it is these that have made Buddhism, which started in India, famous in other parts of the world too.

Buddha is revered in the homes of Indians and those abroad, with his picture on walls and statue on tables. However, this statue of Buddha is different. Looking into the face of the person you revere fills you with peace and calm, but looking into the laughing face of the person you revere fills you with the feeling of joy that you just cannot explain and this is what this image of the laughing Buddha does to anyone who sees it.

Placing this laughing Buddha showpiece on the reading table in your bedroom or the showcase in your living room can light up your day or lift you up after a long day.

Buy The Laughing Buddha Online 

You can buy the laughing Buddha showpieces online  which is one of the most important home decorative item . Have a look at the different sizes in which this statue is available and ensure that the one you get goes with the interiors in your house. Ensure that it comes with a convenient size so that it is neither too big nor too small in your house.


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