Photo Albums – Bring Back Good Ol’ Memories

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Home decor, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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As a kid, I always loved looking at old photographs of my mother’s childhood. The albums were huge and looked royal. There was something about them that attracted me. The black background, the translucent butter paper covering the pretty black and white photos and everything else about those olden days photos albums impressed me. Since then, I’ve been collecting albums. Every time I found something nice at stores, I would pick them and patiently sit with them and arrange all the photographs neatly in them. That was my favourite hobby. But over time, as we grew up and as technology took over the world, things changed. Digital cameras took over analog cameras. Memory cards took over photography films. And slowly the need for these photo albums reduced. Most people, including my mother, preferred storing photographs on desktops than print them and stick them in a photo album. However, for me, nothing could replace the joy of flipping over photo albums. There’s something special about sitting with your loved one and flipping over your wedding album, laughing at your sibling’s funny childhood photographs, reminiscing your old school memories by flipping through your old album.

Photo Albums

So in spite of being technologically advanced and in spite of having various other options like digital photo frames, Google Photos and other photo viewing sites, for me, photo albums still remain my favourite. So even today, if I find any photo album I pick it up. Every time, I go virtual shopping, I pick up a few photo albums online. Buying and finding these photo albums online is much easier. You can comfortably sit at home and shop for photo albums online. The best thing about online shopping is that, you don’t have to bother about those nagging salesmen or those least-interest people at stores who know nothing about the specifications and features. At online stores, everything you need, from price to features, specifications to descriptions, detailed images to reviews are all clearly stated for you.

Even if you are a technologically advanced person, make sure you have photo albums at home. Bring back the good times by printing all your photos and treasure them forever in beautiful albums. Just like gadgets, even photo albums have undergone a drastic change. You no longer get those butter papers or black backgrounds like in the past. Now these photo albums look nothing less than a digital photo frames. So print all your photographs and stick them in the albums.

So if you are looking to bring back old memories in the old style, then make sure your shopping cart has a few photo albums & wall photo frames in it. Also, make it a point to have photo albums in different colors, size and shapes.


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