The art of decorating your house is not something that came from another world. So if you think it’s a job best done by the interior designers, you got to take a look at the various designs online. While exploring for decorative ideas, me and my sister came across a lot of DIY designs on Pinterest which seemed like a completely new world that we were unaware of. The creative colour combinations, the antique elements, the use of artificial flowers and the complete transformation using the simple accessories like veils and other fabrics left us spell bound.

Reading various blogs and doing my own research I have found few important things that’s going to help me throughout the life. Like most things around us, decorating is also about finding a balance. A balance between themes, colours, fabric and most importantly the feminine and masculine elements. Too much of abstract designs, just like a lot of floral prints, can actually ruin the look of your place rather than improving it. The trick is to have both and highlighting one or the other according to the theme. How to do that? Well, lets start with the artificial flowers and their variety.


artificial flowers

Types of Artificial Flowers

It’s okay if your son or husband has a peculiar taste in paintings and even the bed linens. You can still blend them and make it look a part of your central theme using artificial flowers. The types include orchids, rose, bougainvillea, gerbera, jasmine, lavender, magnolia, assorted, peony and sunflower. You can get artificial flowers online in several colours and designs in reasonable prices.


Tips for Decorating your Home Using Artificial Flowers

Before you spend on various home decorative items , I would suggest you to look through the images of beautiful and elegant houses online. That would give you an idea about what to look for and what goes with what. You can use the following tips to give an attractive look to your living space too.

  • Selecting a Beautiful Vessel – It’s time to take out those colourful and antique pitcher and urns you inherited from your grandma. Artificial plants and flowers don’t need water, so you can use any type of vessel to contain your faux flowers.
  • Choice of Colour – No matter how beautiful the assorted bunch is, its colour combination can ruin the entire look. It’s best to follow a monochromatic arrangement where you can group multiple items like colour of the vase, table runner, diary, cushion or curtains together.
  • Arrangement of Flowers – If you are putting together or getting a bouquet, then go for the odd numbers like three or five for the best appearance. But bouquet is not the only way to decorate. You can create a wreath using the faux flowers and faded leaves for a dramatic look or add flowers to a wooden vase and hang it from the ceiling.
  • Seasonal Flowers – The best thing about these flowers is that you can keep a set for every season and change it accordingly to add a fresh look to your abode.

You can find almost any type of artificial flowers online with a little bit of browsing and place your order which gets delivered to your place. So beautify that empty mantle space with a porcelain vase and flamboyant red flowers, or take the higher road and make them a part of the architecture.



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