Create a Well-equipped Home bar with Stylish Bar Glasses

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Furniture, Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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After a tiring week at work, you would inevitably want to relax with your friends at your place with a couple of drinks. Drinking is quite an art if you do it the right way. Most of them don’t feel comfortable going outside and drinking in a crowded bar. When it comes to leisure drinking, having a sophisticated and well-equipped bar at home can be a great choice and you will always feel that you are in your comfort zone. In order to create a well-equipped home bar – you need to ensure that you have right bar glasses with respect to different types of drinks. Whether you are planning to buy a bar glass or a glass set, you have numerous types to choose from. These include pint, beer mugs, wine, lowball, highball, collins, cocktail, shot, champagne flute, brandy snifter, cordial, margarita and so on.

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Different Types of Bar glasses


  • Beer glasses are mostly used in bars and pubs. Since they come in a different styles, you can get a set for your home bar. Traditional beers are often served in pint glasses while lager beers are served in pilsner glasses. If you want glasses that have thick bottoms and handles, then beer mugs can be a great choice.

  • If you want to serve a variety of liquor, then you need to stock up on shot glasses. They come with thick bottoms because usually after a shot has been taken the glass will be slammed on the table
  • Whiskey glasses have thick bottoms and are specially designed to serve whiskey. Shooter glasses are great for smaller quantities of shots or cocktails.

  • The red wine glasses have wide rims that allow the aroma of the wine to emanate. White wine ones have smaller rims compared to red wine glassware. They also have long stems, so you can comfortably hold them.

  • Highball glasses are usually tall, straight-sided and have a flat base. You can use them for serving a variety of drinks such as beer, soda, juice or water. If you have a modern table, then classic highball glasses with details could give it an enhanced look. On the other hand, lowball glasses are great for drinks that are sweet and overwhelming. These are also known as rocks and old-fashioned glasses.

  • Collins are used for serving cocktails or mixed drinks. They are usually tall and similar to that of highball ones.

  • Brandy snifters usually come in a balloon shape and have a short stem, so you can easily hold them between your fingers. The width of these brandy snifters allows the brandy to breathe and the narrow top circulates aroma inside the bowl.

Some of the materials that are used for making bar glasses include bone china, brass, glass, melamine, plastic, polypropylene, borosilicate glass, stainless steel and so on. Since you would be buying them your home, you need to ensure that you choose a material that is either dishwasher safe which helps save time and effort or disposable.

You can buy bar glasses online from various e-commerce websites. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. You can choose from brands like Ocean, Borosil, Luminarc, Happily Unmarried, RCR, Borgonovo and so many other brands. Hey guys, if you are looking to buy bar furniture like bar stools, bar chairs, bar cabinets etc then visit on buy furniture online to check out huge collection of bar furniture online .


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