Bean Bags – A Contemporary and Comfy Piece of Furniture

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Furniture, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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You are almost done with setting your new rental home after you moved into the city a month ago. The bedroom furniture is in place. The kitchen is all set. You got a lightweight wrought iron sofa for your living room. You want to keep home furnishing minimal, still want your place to be cosy. This is why, you have opted for foldable, detachable, temporary type of furniture. You want to add something more to your living room as a single sofa won’t be enough for the guests you would be inviting over the next few months. You have considered buying plastic and folding metal chairs, but somehow the idea did not appeal to you much as you thought that they won’t go well with the wrought iron sofa. A set of matching chairs is difficult to find. Besides, you are really exhausted due to frequent visits to the furniture mart and getting things transported to your home is not easy.

So you think about looking for seating options online. When you start browsing different types of seating options on one of the most popular online megastore, you come across bean bags. You find them ideal for your needs as they look great, are easy to maintain and can be easily carried from one place to the other. They are available in mainly two types, as just covers or as bean bags with beans. You think of buying a bean bag with beans and start browsing for various shapes and colours.


bean Bags

You are surprised at the variety available online. There are bean bags shaped as chairs and loungers. Some are teardrop shaped and look very comfy. There are bean bags sofas as well. There are numerous colour options including neutrals like black, white and brown and bright shades like orange, pink, green and blue. These bean bags are available in artificial leather, cotton, leather, polyester and vinyl varieties. You like an armchair-type black bean bag which look generously spacious and comfy. It goes well with your sofa. It is made from artificial leather. You check out the size chart. It features the width, height, length and base of this chair in mm. It also mentions filling quantity in kg. You select an L size as you think that it is perfect for the space where you want to keep the chair.


You check out the price and are pleased to see that the furniture online shopping website is offering it at a discounted rate. You consider buying two as you think that they will complete your living room furnishing. So you add two of them in your shopping cart. You proceed to checkout. You fill in your details, select a mode of payment and are glad to find out that your products will be delivered free of cost to your doorstep within a week. When you place the order, you are happy that you chose to buy bean bags online as it saved you time and effort.


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