Stylish and Convenient Dressing Table Furniture To Dress up Smartly Every Day

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Furniture, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Can you imagine your day without a mirror? It will probably be a nightmare. Not getting to see how you look before you head out is one of the most frustrating things in the world, especially for women. A dressing table is an essential piece of furniture for your home. It not only helps you get ready, but also lets you organise your cosmetics in a neat manner. All dressing tables feature mirrors and drawers to help you get ready in the most efficient manner. If you are setting up your home or want to replace your old dressing table , you should take various design, dimensions and materials into consideration to find a piece which suits your needs best. Check out following styles to figure out the best suitable one.

dressing table


These are very popular due to their versatile looks and many utility features. If your dressing room or bedroom is short on space, you can go for a sleek, compact design. Such pieces feature a single or two drawers beneath the mirror. If you want a lot of space to store your cosmetics, go for a variety which features open shelves beside the mirror. You can keep hair oils, lotions and makeup accessories which you need daily on these shelves to access them quickly. You can store your jewellery and fashion accessories in their drawers. Some feature wide drawers for extra storage. If you want to add style to your room’s interior, go for a dressing tables featuring an angled mirror and wooden drawers. Such piece of furniture will be a classy addition to your bedroom’s decor. These varieties are made from solid or engineered woods and are available in beige, brown, black and white colours.


If your bedroom’s interior is ethnic-themed, you would love to discover a wide variety of traditional dressing tables. They may look bulky but have a very elegant look. They are usually made from sheesham wood, which is also known as Indian rosewood. Their mirrors feature unusual shapes. Some are circular, while the others are pentagonal. You will also find regular rectangular mirrors in the range of ethnic dressing tables.


Vintage furniture has a very classy look. If you want to add old vintage charm to your bedroom, check out dressing tables whose drawers feature carved, metallic knobs. Minimal carvings on the frame of the mirror and on the drawers create a very elegant look.

Buy Dressing Tables Furniture Online

Gone are the days when you used to visit a shop after shop to check out, shortlist and finalize furniture. Now, you can buy dressing table online from various e shopping portals which have a home and furniture section. Browse different varieties with ease from the neatly categorised collection online. You can apply filters like size, material, price and brand to zero in on the most suitable options. Moreover,  you can pay with safe payment options and get the product delivered to your home.


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