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Posted: September 18, 2015 in Furniture, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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It was the day of my results and I was really anxious. I dreamt the previous night that I got an F grade in all my subjects. I woke up with a start and then dozed off in sometime. The next morning, my mum woke me up and asked me to check my results. I logged onto my university website and entered my roll number nervously. As the link was loading, I prayed that I pass in all subjects. Then the page opened and I saw an ‘F’ in one of the columns. I flunked in a core subject which meant I’d have to repeat a whole year studying just that subject. I was utterly disappointed and told my parents about it. They obviously didn’t take it well and reacted in the most unpredictable manner. They left me alone in my room and discussed among themselves and later called me. I went to their room with a made-up guilty face and sat in a corner of the bed. My dad pulled out his office chair and asked me to sit on it. I couldn’t sit on the chair for long as I grew restless and then I slouched. My dad noticed this and said that that the problem wasn’t with the subjects or my ability to grasp the concepts but the way I studied. He pointed at the way I sat in his office chair and gave me a lecture on how important maintaining a proper posture was while studying.


Study chairs


I used to lie on the bed or slouch on the couch when I studied and soon sleep off. I never took studying as a serious activity or focused when my text books were open. Although their remarks where strict and exaggerated, I took their advice and tried to see the good side of it for a change. After the heated discussion, I went to my room and looked at how unorganised things were. Maybe the ‘F’ grade was incidental to my bad study habits. I thought it was time to turn over a new leaf. Better late than never. I quickly logged onto an e-commerce site and searched for office and study chairs online . There were so many options so it was pretty confusing as to what would be the best choice for me. I finally selected a metal oak study chair and a table as well. I clicked on the Buy Now button and paid with my debit card. There were other payment options too, including payment via credit card, via net banking and even cash on delivery.


In the meantime, I organised my room, kept the books back in the bookshelf and waited for my study chairs and table to arrive. They came in two days and I placed them facing north and practiced sitting in an upright position. I took out the text books of the subject I’d failed in and started reading. The chair was comfortable and I didn’t feel tired or sleepy so I read for quite some time. Then I went through the question paper and realised that it was fairly easy. It would have been really easy to score enough marks to pass if I had studied properly. I resolved to never study lying on my bed or on the couch and decided to study sitting up straight always. Thanks to this chair I got online, I no longer feel tired, sleepy or get backaches. Visit here to buy furniture online for your study room or office at cheap prices.


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