With Beautiful Dining Table Covers Make Your Ugly Dining Table Attractive

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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We had been living in our apartment for months now. We still eat at an old wonky table that my mum’s uncle got us a long time back. My mum didn’t want us buy another table as it was the last gift from him before he died of heart attack. But my dad and I, we detested that table. It was the ugliest sort. We believed that the late uncle either had poor taste or hated my mum. Whenever we brought up the idea of changing the table my mum’s face would turn red with fury and she would dig out all our flaws and shortcomings. She always had the final word no matter what.

Dining Table Cover pic

Our dining room had fancy curtains, an aquarium, indoor plants, a bread basket, a shelf, a  refrigerator and other things which were all in top condition. This table stood out because of the ugly design and carvings on its surface. Whoever visited our place would admire the rest of the house and when their eyes fell upon the ugly table they would fix their gaze on it, trying to comprehend what we were thinking when we got that table. When they saw us looking, they’d look away and give us a confused, awkward smile. My mum was quite an intimidating person so nobody exactly told us what they thought of the table. But we knew it looked bad.

Then my dad came up with a bright idea. We could cover up the table with a table cloth. We didn’t know if Mum would be okay with it but we were positive about the fact that if we bought a really pretty table cloth , she would agree. So Dad and I set out to the local store in search of a perfect tablecloth for the table. The people in the store seemed to be having the taste like that of my mum’s late uncle; The table covers weren’t as bad as the table but they were still bad. Then I suggested we shop table covers online. My dad patted me on my back for suggesting the idea. As soon as we went back home, we logged onto an e-commerce site and to our surprise, there were so many fancy covers in different styles and models. We selected two or three pretty table covers that would almost entirely cover the table. Then we clicked on the Buy Now button and paid via debit card. There were other payment options too, like cash on delivery and net banking. The set of table covers reached us in two days and my mum received it. We were watching her and we noticed her eyes widen and nose flare up. We both were about to escape the scene she was an unpredictable woman. But she opened it and smiled because she really liked the dining table covers. We made the room look pretty without upsetting Mum. It was a win-win.

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