My New Room and Fitted Bed Sheets

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Bed Sheets, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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This would be the first time I was going to be staying away from home. I was going to my college hostel and my folks were uneasy about sending me there. We had visited the hostel before and if I sugar-coat it, I would say it didn’t look like a place one could live in. It seemed to me like the whole building was infested with rats. I picked a single room for myself as the room allotment was on a first come, first serve basis. The room was cobwebbed, dusty and looked like a store-room with wall hangings and knick-knacks strewn over everywhere by whoever lived there before. I had packed my laptop, clothes, shoes, things to clean up the place with, posters and other essential goodies. My parents dropped me at the hostel two days before the reopening so I’d have enough time to settle in. I started with the stubborn cobwebs on the walls and ceiling and battled with the many insects inside my 10×10 room. I replaced the bulbs and arranged everything neatly into my shelves. The floor was mopped and the windows cleaned; the room smelled fresh and looked clean too. Now I wanted make my bed.

I checked the shelves and suitcases for bedsheets , but there were none. I realised I had forgotten to pack them. It was sad really because I was picky about my everything I got. I was too tired to walk to a store and get bed sheets. Besides, I had gone to the store earlier to buy buckets and mugs and I just saw ugly bed sheets. The ones that complemented my wardrobe and curtains were at home and I wouldn’t be able to get them until next summer. An idea struck me. I quickly took out my laptop, connected it to the LAN wire and logged onto an e-commerce site to buy bed sheets online . There I chanced upon fitted bed sheets.


fitted bedsheets


Fitted bed sheets are ideal for heavy or thick mattresses. These bedsheets don’t slip off the mattress as they grip the mattress like a glove with an elastic trim. This would be ideal for me because I move around a lot while sleeping and in the morning, the bedsheet would be wrinkled and sitting by the edge of the mattress.

And what’s more, these bed sheets remain wrinkle-free and are also easy to wash. I immediately selected a couple of bed sheets that matched my curtain and clicked on the Buy Now button. There were so many payment options online including paying by card, via net banking and cash on delivery. I payed with my debit card and waited for delivery. The bedsheets reached me in 2 days and they fitted my mattress perfectly. My room looked pretty and I must say that people envied for my bed sheets. A lot of my friends who liked the concept of fitted bed sheets also were interested in shopping them online. The online site had such good deals and options for fitted bed sheets online that we couldn’t resist buying them.


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