How Small & Big Furniture Change The look of your Home

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Furniture, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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What is it that makes each room in your house different from the other and gives it a different feel? It is the furniture, small and big furniture that you have arranged according to the kind of feel you want each room to have. What is the first room that you think of when you want to hide out and spend some time by yourself? It is your bedroom, right, with its comfortable cot and pictures on the walls that give you a feeling of peace and quiet. What is the first thing you think of when you want to chill out and spend some time with your family? It is your living room, with those cosy sofa cushions and fancy dim lights to give you a feeling of calm and relaxation. Imagine the rooms in your house without the furniture that made it so comfortable? Your house wouldn’t feel so good, would it? So, here are some small and big furniture that you may or may not have thought of but do make a big difference in your house.
Small & Big Furniture pic

Rocking Chair

No, not just any where. Do you have that window at that perfect corner in your living room that gives you a good view of the garden below or the clear road outside. Now, that is a perfect place to place a nice rocking chair. This is the spot your dad is going to love, while he sits with the newspaper and a cup of coffee every morning.

Bean Bags

What is nice about them is that you can have them anywhere. They don’t have to be in a fixed place or in a fixed room. As they are light and easy to shift from one room to another, you can drag them anywhere. You can laze on them when you are watching TV in your living room or you can have them in your bedroom where you decide to sit with a book.


Do you have a garden outside your house. Then a hammock is what you need there, especially if you love spending time in your garden. There is nothing like chilling out on sunny evenings and watching the sunset as you laze on a hammock.

Bar Stools

These are lovely to have in your kitchen A drink with your friend at the kitchen counter on a nice and high bar stool is always fun instead of the usual way of relaxing on a couch or having a snack on a dining table.


If you have a study, this would be perfect there and if not, you can always have one in your bedroom. What’s nice about a bookcase that displays all the books you recently bought is that they remind you to make time to read, which relaxes you in a great way.

Buy Furniture Online

You can have a look at the range of big furniture online from brands like Shopper52, Durian and various other brands of furniture online . Compare the price and read the features of different furniture online and get furniture that you find convenient to have in your house.


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