Easy and Fast Cooking Using a Gas Stove – Buying & Maintenance Tips

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Household, Uncategorized
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One of the first things that your mum would ask you to do is set up the kitchen. And this is because it is the heart and soul of any house. A well-equipped should have useful home appliances and cookware to make your cooking process easy, smooth and quick. And while you’re doing the kitchen shopping, your mother is very likely to ask you to buy a gas stove as well. It is one of those must-have kitchen appliance that every home needs. So if you are in the market for a new gas stove, look at various sites online that offer a wide range.

Overview of a Gas Stove

Often touted as the best multi-tasker, the gas stoves can be used to boil, simmer, fry and roast food all at once. Even with induction cooktops fast becoming popular, stoves have held their own and this is simple because during power cuts, induction cooktops are pretty much useless.

gas stoves

Choosing a Gas Stove

Now, gas stoves are long term investments, so you need to pick one that suits your needs, requirements and budget. These stoves are available in various types and sizes.

The popular and most common model is the two burner gas stove, but there are also other models such that offer four to five burners. If you search for gas stoves online you will see that there are many sites that offer quality gas stoves from brands such as Preethi, Butterfly and Prestige. Buying a gas stove online is an easier option than going to a retail store as you can sit in the comfort of your home and pick the one that meets your needs. Also, with online shopping you have the convenience of having your product delivered right to your doorstep.

Features Commonly Seen on a Standard Gas Stove

All gas stove come with features that help you finish your cooking quickly and efficiently. These include:

  • Knobs or buttons – They allow more accurate cooking temperatures.

  • Multiple burners – They offer different types of flame. Simmer burners offer low, gradual heat that is suited for various cooking processes. High-heat burners are designed to quickly provide heat.

  • Seamless or continuous grates – They are useful as you can easily slide heavy pots or pans between the burners without having to do any lifting.   

  • Sealed burners – Most stove have these and they make cleaning up easier and also prevents food from being trapped under the burners.

Care and Maintenance

If you want to ensure your gas stove remains operational for long, you need to regularly clean the gas stove. This not only ensures sanitation while cooking and preparing food, but also cleanliness and aesthetic purposes.


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