Furniture – Tips On Choosing Sofa Set & Curtains For your Sweet Home

Posted: September 14, 2015 in curtains, Home Furnishing, Sofa covers
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On this Diwali 2015, you want to change your sofa set & curtains to give a new look to your home? If yes, then this blogpost is very useful for you. This post is about the buying guide of sofa set & curtains for your sweet home.

Just imagine what your house would be like without all the furniture in it. Imagine what your living room would look like without the comfortable sofa set at the corner and the television at the centre of the room. Imagine what those beautifully painted walls would be like without all those paintings, pictures and other wall hangings hanging on the walls? Home wouldn’t be as homely as it should be, right? Yes, this is how important good furniture in your house is.

Yes, without too much of it, your house would always be more easy to clean, as you wouldn’t have to stretch the broom and the mop under sofa sets and chairs in your house, but, it would always be nicer to have furniture that is easy to clean and at the same time very homely to have in your house, right?


Furniture online pic


The right furniture makes your house warm and cosy, whereas old and dirty ones make your house look dingy and unattractive. So, the following are some of the must-haves in your house. You are aware of some of them, but just in case.

Sofa Set

Well, the first thing that you have to be aware of when you are choosing a sofa set for your living room is the size of your living room. A large sofa set in a small living room is going to look too stuffy. On the other hand, a small sofa set in a large living room is just not going to look right, and can make your house look empty. So, choose a set that goes with the size of your living room. The fabric of the sofa depends on how well you are going to maintain it. Materials like suede and colors like white are going to be very difficult to maintain, so if you have a lot of kids and pets in your house, keep away from these fabrics and colors. Choose darker colors so that dirt is not visible and materials that are easier to maintain.


So, your walls are painted. The next thing that you need for your house is curtains. What kind do you want, and what color are you looking for? The fabric of the curtain is mainly important in determining how well the curtains are going to sit on your window. Curtains that are too light are not going to stay right, and neither are curtains that are too heavy. Try and avoid bright curtains as they tend to fade in time, and this especially, if your room invites a lot of sunlight. And finally, coming to size, remember that taller curtains give your room a sense of height.

Buy Furniture Online

You can have a look at the range of furniture online from brands like Shopper52, Durian and various other brands of furniture online. You can even have a look at the range of furniture on mobile shopping apps. Compare the price and features of different furniture online and get your home all the furniture that it needs to make it cosy and comfortable.


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