Guide On Buying The Sofa Covers To Make Your Sofa Look Brand New

Posted: September 8, 2015 in Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips, Sofa covers
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Hey guys, do you want to transform the look of your living room? If yes, then think of changing the look of your sofa with help of designer & attractive sofa covers . 

In a living room – a carpet, a sofa set, and a diwan is something that’s needed to impart the look of our home as well as comfort. And, giving a new look to the seating area kept running in our mind always. Changing the décor every now and then sounded like a daunting task and might burn a big hole in our pockets. Then we thought that changing sofa and chair covers could be one of the easiest ways to transform our seating area and in fact, the whole living room. In today’s world, these sofa covers are functional as well as fashionable. So we decided to buy a sofa cover that’s not only functional, but also economical, versatile, easy to use, and something that’s compatible with our décor’s color scheme.

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Tips To Know Before Buying Sofa Covers

When we thought of buying sofa cover , we were perplexed about one choosing from a variety of colors, designs, sizes and materials. And, these were also a few factors that will help us find that perfect slipcover to suit our décor style, no matter how often we changed it. We thought of going for a fabric that defines the style and something that’s tough and firm.

Lets check out the important factor in brief while buying sofa covers …

1.) Buying the correct size – Since sofa covers come in many sizes, we thought of buying one that perfectly fitted our sofas. We thought that an approximate measurement will look good for a laid-back feel. Then we thought who will fuss over the exact measurements, lets go for loose-fit covers and yet achieve the same effect.

2.) Designs & Patterns – Sofa covers also come in a variety of attractive patterns which left us spoil for choice. Then a close friend of our family suggested that whether we prefer a modern or a traditional look, sofa covers can go well with any décor style.

3.) Sofa Fabric Material –  Sofa fabric comes in cotton, generic, jacquard, nylon, polycotton, polyester, silk and velvet. Though all the fabrics were designed keeping in mind the durability and ease of care, we still decided to buy cotton ones, because these sofa covers were not only easily to wash and maintain, but also very skin-friendly. Most of these sofa covers are also machine washable.


sofa covers

Sofa Covers shopping

The best way to buy sofa covers online . Online shopping sites not only helped save our time, but also reduced the hassle of going to every store. They also had different brands such as SHC, Balaji, House Attire, Handloom Trendz, Furnishing Kingdom, JBG Home Store, Ridhima Creations, Fabrique, Optimistic Home Furnishing and so many other brands to choose from. Sitting in the comfort of our home, we ordered the sofa cover we wanted and got it delivered to our doorstep.


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