The Laundry Basket Overview – Types and Buying Guide

Posted: September 7, 2015 in Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips, Uncategorized
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One of the hardest things to manage in life is laundry. Whether you’re a family guy or a bachelor, dirty clothes are going to pile up and form a huge mountain. Now, we know that this mountain can’t be reduced and all, but then there’s a way of keeping it in check. And by check we mean properly storing it. This is where a clothes basket or a laundry bag comes into play. It is an essential part in every household. For instance, If you are living in a hostel, you can always pile your clothes in the basket and take them to your nearest self-service laundries. Also, you can use them to keep freshly laundered clothes in them and bring it back to your room. There are many options available in the market to suit all styles, budgets, tastes and spaces. When you are purchasing one for your home or hostel, there are some pointers that you need to keep in mind.


laundary basket

Types of Laundry Baskets

Now when you look up laundry basket online , you’ll see that there are various types of laundry baskets available in the market. These are:

  • Cotton laundry baskets: These laundry baskets are strong, come with metal, wood or plastic frames that make the basket strong and rigid. Also, these can be easily washed when they are dirty.

  • Synthetic cloth basket: Baskets made from synthetic materials are strong, durable and lightweight. Also, they are easy to clean. Most students opt for nylon pop-up baskets because they are cheap and do not take up much space.

  • Plastic baskets: Baskets made of plastic are available in different styles and colours. They are durable and can be easily washed when stained.

Choosing a Laundry Basket

It is important that you look at the size and shape of a laundry basket that you’re intending to purchase. This is because it should be compact and big enough to store all your laundry without spilling over or bursting. For narrow spaces, it is recommended that you get tall baskets, while if you’ve limited space then opt for baskets that can fit corners and do not take up much space.

Keep in mind that these baskets will get dirty over time, so ideally you need to wash them from time to time. You should baskets made of materials that are easy to clean and dry fast. Some of the materials require only a wet cloth with some detergent solution to clean them. Also, keeping them clean will keep off variety of germs and bacteria.

Buy a Laundry Basket Online

Shopping for laundry baskets online is now easy. You can enjoy the convenience of having it delivered right to your doorstep.


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