Look Your Best at all TImes with Electric Shavers

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Online Shopping, Personal care appliances, Shopping Tips
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Shaving is an everyday experience for most men and technology has made it easier and less irritating on skin with the introduction of electronic shavers. Traditionally, razors were the preferred choice of shaving instruments for most men, but of late, the market is flooded with a variety of shavers that are not only gentler and kinder on your skin, but also make shaving a quick and a safe activity by limiting the number of potential cuts. However, it can be tricky to decide between the best model, considering the range of features built into them, and the range of brands offering them. So, whether you are buying a shaver for the first time, or are a repeat buyer, there are chances that you might get confused while picking the one that is best for your skin, and serves the purpose of assisting you in shaving or trimming your body hair in the best possible way, without causing any nicks and cuts so you can shave even just before leaving for a dinner or a business conference.



Different Types and Features of Electric Shavers

Shavers can be broadly classified into two categories – ones with foil heads and the ones with rotary heads. Foil shavers come with a series of blades that are positioned at an angle so they offer a very close shave. To answer the question about the number of blades that you must choose to have, you need to analyse the texture of your hair and the sensitivity quotient of your skin. Ideally, the number of blades increase from one to three with the increasing levels of skin sensitivity  Single foil shavers are ideal for fine to medium hair and not-so-sensitive skin. Double foil shavers work well with coarse facial hair, while the ones with three foils are the best for long hair and highly sensitive skin.

Rotary shavers , on the other hand, have two or three circular heads that ensure smooth and close shave even around the areas like chin, upper lip, and sideburns, that too without any annoying noise. However, if you are comfortable only with a wet shave, then you may opt for a wet/dry shaver that blends the functionality of an efficient shaving with the use of a shaving cream/gel – a method widely used by the traditional razors.

The next point to consider is the power backup and the mode of use. Many of them work when they are plugged into a power source, others can be charged once and used cordless, and recharged again before the next use. The third category uses replaceable batteries.

Many models come with pop-up trimmers so you can flaunt the perfect stubble, many feature ergonomically designed handles that not only offer a comfortable grip but also prevent them from slipping off your hand and causing cuts.

Shavers are the new razors – easy to use and comfortable to glide. So go ahead, and buy your electric shaver online . Many online portals offer a range of shavers from renowned brands like Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Nova, Remington, and others at attractive prices and discounts. You can choose to pay online or offline, and enjoy the benefit of getting it delivered to your doorstep.


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