Baby Monitors For A Constant Watch Over Your Baby

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Baby Care, Baby Products, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Babies are strict taskmasters who won’t let the parents get an iota of rest. The only pillow they want to rest their cute little heads on are our shoulders and the only bedsheet they would want to get wrapped in are our arms. Waking up alone can indeed be as frightening to them as being in a lonely desert can be to us, leaving them panicking and wailing till we appear. Leaving a crying baby unattended can indeed be dangerous. This is where baby monitors prove to be very useful. There are different types of baby monitors with different features that can help you keep an eye on your little munchkin.


baby monitor


To a baby, there can be no place that is as safe and comfortable as its mother’s womb. The first person that welcomes him to the world may be that doctor who slaps his backside, but the first person the baby is interested in meeting is his mother. As mothers, we do not mind giving up on all that is important to us and just be with our baby all day long. But the house has to run, daddy’s socks have to be washed, breakfast, lunch and dinner need to get prepared and guests need to be entertained and spoken to. So have a look at the different types of baby monitors available and choose one that you find convenient to use.


Sound Monitors

These, as the name suggest, gives you sounds from the room in which your baby is asleep. A bird chirps from the sill of the window. You hear it. The fan is turning. You hear it. Your baby begins to cry. You hear it. However, you need to ensure that the receiver is placed in a spot from which you can hear the sounds produced so that you can be by your baby’s side the moment he calls for you.


Video Monitors

This is especially useful if you have a big house and running from one room to another can take time. You may not be able to make frequent visits to your baby’s room as you are busy with your housework. This is where video monitors prove to be very helpful. You can frequently glance at the screen of your monitor to ensure that your baby is doing fine.


Motion Monitors

These baby monitors come with a movement sensing pad that you place under the mattress that your baby is sleeping on. The monitor assures you of your baby’s movements, alarming you in case your baby stops moving. This is indeed a terrible thought to have, but it’s only a matter of being on the safer side. This kind of a monitor is especially helpful to mothers who are paranoid about SIDS.

Baby Care Products Brands like Chicco, Foscam and Motorola have a range of baby monitor online . You can have a look and read the features of different baby monitors online before you choose one that you find convenient to use.


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