You wouldn’t disagree with me on the fact that every woman out there loves admiring the way she looks after a head bath. That combination of a head with wet tresses and a body in a sexy bathrobe is something we love to admire while we strike different poses in front of the full-length shower mirror. Yes, we are as hot as any Hollywood star, with our hair flying in different directions as we hold a hair dryer over our hair. The sad part is, no matter how nice you look, this may be the wrong way of using a hair dryer and can lead to a bad hair day where you are going to have some trouble with managing your hair the next day. So spare the poses and get to work. There are certain steps that you will need to follow when you are using a hair dryer on your hair. The following are the things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you are drying your hair the right way.

Ensure That Your Hair Is Protected From Heat

Remember that using a best hair dryer on your hair means exposing your hair to heat, and heat is known to damage your hair. However, leaving your hair wet for long is not a good option as wet hair can get frizzy the next day. So, here is a simple solution. Never dry your hair without using any form of heat protection on your hair. It can be a lotion or a cream or some non-sticky oil. Do not use the blow dryer directly in your wet hair.

hair dryers

Divide Your Hair Into Sections

This may require quite some effort on your part. You may have to bend and turn in certain positions to maintain the sections on your hair before you use a blow dryer to try them. However, doing this is very important as it ensures that each section of your hair gets heated equally when you are blow drying it.

Do Attach The Concentration Nozzle

The nozzle on the blow hair dryers comes with a reason, and that is to let the air from the dryer flow onto the section that you are drying rather than leaving locks of your hair flying in different directions. It also makes it faster to heat the sections of your hair when the dryer has the concentration nozzle on.

Ensure That You Use The Right Brush

As metal is a good conductor of heat, it will get hot with the heat from the blow dryer and using it on your hair can cause damage. Avoid using metal brushes when you are blow drying your hair.

Find The Best Hair Dryers Online

You can have a look at the best hair dryers online from Babyliss, Panasonic, Nova and Philips. Browse through the range of features in different hair dryers that you find online and choose the best hair dryer for your hair.



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