Taming frizzy, curly or unruly is a difficult job. Whatever tricks you try on them doesn’t have any effect and it goes back to how it was. Hair straighteners offer a quick and easy solution to manage frizzy hair. When heated, the plates of the straighteners can straighten the hair when it is glided on the hair strands. The result is sleek and shiny hair that needs less attention from your part when compared to the unruly hair. Straighteners are considered a life saver by many ladies who were troubled with frizzy and unruly hair which gets tangled easily. When done with chemicals and according to the techniques, straightening can even change your hair’s character permanently. You can do temporary straightening on your own for looking chic on special occasions like weddings and parties. And that too without visiting a parlour.


panasonic hair straighteners


Buying a hair straighteners should be after careful consideration of factors like your hair type, advantages of specific straightener material, heat settings among others. Following points will help you select a good straightener for your need, by briefly describing the determining factors.


The material in the plates of the hair straightener should be a good conductor of heat to ensure effective results. The common materials used are ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and ceramic and Teflon coatings.

  • Ceramic – Ceramic plates can retain heat at a constant temperature and can distribute heat evenly across the plates. These are the most widely used plate type. Ceramic-coated plates heat up quickly, but cannot retain heat properly.
  • Tourmaline – Tourmaline plates can generate negative ions to lock in the moisture in the hair and can remove static that caused frizz. These provide a shine to your hair too.
  • Titanium – These plates can heat up quickly and can distribute the heat evenly on the plates.

Product features

Along with the heating of the plates there are other features and characteristics that should be present to deliver the best result.

  • Heat up time – This is the time taken by the plates to heat up to the desired temperature. The best straighteners will have fast heat up time.
  • Temperature – Straighteners with high temperature usually provides the best results. But high temperature is not suitable for all hair types.
  • Auto shut-off – This feature will switch off the straightener after a given time to prevent overheating.
  • Ionic straightening – Some high-end straighteners include plates that can generate negative ions to lock in the moisture in your hair strands and remove static that causes frizz.
  • Far infrared heat – With this heat, the hair gets heated from the inside and this minimises the chance of hair damage. The heat will also be distributed evenly for fast results.

Buying a hair straightener online is now easy with e-shopping. Visit online shopping websites and order hair straighteners online. Choose one according to your hair type and the features present in the straightener. It will be delivered to your doorstep while you wait at home ready to try it.


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