Hair Curlers – For All Your Hair Curling Needs | Types Of Hair Curlers

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Fashion, Hair Curlers, Online Shopping, Personal care appliances, Shopping Tips
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Women with wavy hair put in all they can to get their hair straight, while women with straight hair love nothing more than spending hours in front of the mirror trying to get tendrils of perfect little curls. This is just one giant puzzle that most men will not even bother to try and understand. But only we women know what great joy a little makeover or style experimentation can bring us.

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We may be too old to walk around with a crown on our head, but who needs crowns when you have a head full of luxurious hair just waiting to be styled! That friend’s birthday party that you have been looking forward to or your college graduation ceremony that you have been training for all your life require you to go all out, and what better way to do this than by curling your hair to perfection. With a crown of soft curls adorning your head, you can enjoy yourself, feeling confident about the fact that you look as good as you feel. And for all your hair curling needs, the appliances you need to befriend are hair curlers .

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From bouncy, thick curls, to soft ones, here are a few styles of hair curlers you should get acquainted with if you want to treat your hair right:

  • Curling wands – These are the hair curler you need if you want thick, smooth, and natural-looking curls. Curling wands are a lot less restrictive than most other styles of hair curlers and allow you to style your hair from soft ringlets to big curls, in a quick manner. To use these curlers, all you have to do is wrap sections of your hair around the barrel of the curlers.

  • Curling tongs – If you want to achieve tighter and more defined curls, you might want to get yourself curling tongs with a slim barrel. For creating soft waves of curls, your best bet is hair curlers with a large barrel.

  • Crimpers – Ever wondered how the models in the glossy magazines you read always seem to look flawless with bouncy, thick hair highlighting their delicate features? You can get hair like them too. All you need is hair crimpers. These hair curlers are perfect for giving one’s hair more texture and volume.

  • Hot air stylers – If you wish to try a pouffed-up retro hairstyle, you might find hot air stylers with large barrels to be really helpful. For more defined curls, you have at your service hot air stylers with smaller brush attachments.

  • Rollers – These hair curlers are extremely simple to use and do not expose your hair to as much heat as the other types of hair curlers. To give your hair a fuller look, set the rollers at the crown of your head. Setting them at the ends will help you get those soft curls you want.

  • Multi-stylers – These hair curlers are perfect for women who like to shake things up every now and then. Multi-stylers generally come with a range of attachments that allow you to crimp, curl, and even straighten your hair just the way you like.

  • Cordless – They are a great option for women who are always on the road.

  • Sponge – Sponge hair curlers are made of soft foam and are the perfect hair curlers for little children. Weekends can now be all about mother-daughter bonding time.

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